Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Preparing for Fall 2008

We have decided to use Ambleside online year one for our curriculum starting in the Fall. Over the past year we have tried many different things with little success. I discovered Charlotte Mason through research. I love the idea of short sessions, reading "good" wholesome books , character training, and nature study. I have been spending the last few months collecting the year one books and establishing a schedule using Ambleside's online schedule of readings. This took some time, but I think we have a schedule that will work for us. I am sure we will be tweaking it as we go, but that is the great thing about homeschooling, you can change. We want our home school to be Bible based and family involved. I will be posting our tentative schedule soon. Many blessings.

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MomToCherubs said...

I do hope you enjoy AO. We have used it for years - Charlotte Mason's methods are amazing ! Have you considered subscribing to the Ambleside Online yahoo group email list ?? It is most helpful (as are some sister lists), and their files are full of great info and timesavers (schedules posted by others, links to the free-online books, various topics). Also there is a Charlotte Mason blog carnival monthly -- there is a link for the newest edition on my blog (it was just posted yesterday).

God Bless.