Saturday, April 26, 2008

Why Barefoot Cowboys

All blogs have to have a name. I had a hard time thinking of one. Then one day as I watched my 5yr old son running around chasing the twins while watching Davey Crocket, I thought to myself that they looked like a bunch of cowboys. Cowboys that I have to round up for meals and what not. Thus the name Barefoot Cowboys. Besides I think the word cowboy describes our sons perfectly.


Jenny in Ca said...

great name, I like it. I had a hard time coming up with a name, too. I really like some of the pithy, funny ones out there, but I am not that imaginative...

welcome to the world of blogging, come on in, the water's fine!

Jenny in Ca said...

Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog, you asked about wordless wednesday- it is a weekly meme (or at least it was, I noticed on the homepage that it is daily now..but I am a purist and only do it on Wednesdays!) anyways, someone hosts it- it has it's own homepage (or sometimes called hub). what you do is post a photo that is interesting and doesn't need words to explain...(tho I cheat and put a caption in the title, or sometimes I explain in the comments). You post the photo on your blog and link back to the hub, and then go to the hub and enter your blog page (the exact address for that the time stamp under that post and the address will pop up in your browser bar) in the Mr. Linkey box at the hub. Other people will come by and visit your page. You can go by and visit other WW pages and leave comments, they will probably stop by your place in return. The well-trained mind boards usually link up too, on the curriculum boards- and I actually get the most visits from there (they are nice that way and like to visit). You should get a site meter on your blog so you can see how many stopped by...I usually get about 60 visits on WW days, but only show maybe 12 or so comments- so if I didn't have the sitemeter I wouldn't know that many people stopped by.

There are other such memes (means same question or posts done by different people...means 'same') around blogland like Thursday thirteen, recipe Mondays, grateful thrusdays, stuff like that. A fun way to meet other bloggers.

I enjoyed visiting your blog, good luck with Ambleside this fall!!