Sunday, September 21, 2008


Since we have begun Ambleside online readings, we look at maps and a world globe often. My 6 yr old ds has become quite curious about other places and people. This book was recommended on a yahoo group I frequently read. Decided to order and give it a try. We have just begun, but we love it. We are going to cover one country a week. The book has about two pages per country, bringing alive the culture, traditions of these countries. The book contains maps of where each country is located. Most of all there is a section to help you pray for each country. We are not going into a in depth study of these countries. We are using this book as a intro to geography. I am so glad we ordered it.

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Candace @ A Garden of Blessings said...

hmmm... I've never heard of the book, but I trust that it's good. I was looking for something along these lines myself.
Thanks for the review!