Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Tweaking Already

It is just our third day of Ambleside online and I am tweaking our schedule, well, changing some of the choices we made. We are not changing any of the readings schedules, just a few things I had added. First, the character workbook we had chosen to use with my 6 yr old ds is a little beyond his young years, so I will put it up and will use that book in a later year. Next, had to simplify our copy work somewhat. I will not be using what I thought. Instead, I am focusing on quality of his writing and not quantity. His handwriting needs more focused work. As far as Ambleside online, we are loving the readings. We have art paper available and if my son wants to draw what he has heard, he can. Narrations are interesting so far. My son has a vibrate imagination and likes to "add to" a story. When he does this I just give him a look and he goes back to narrating what he heard. All in all, I think Ambleside online is a good fit for my son.


Amanda P said...

Just starting w/ AO myself, and my oldest son is also 6. They all enjoy the readings and my 4 year old does one line narratives too. It'll be fun to follow your journey.

MasterpieceMom said...

I'll look forward to seeing your blog grow as we're doing Year 1 now with my oldest and my youngest is doing an advanced year 0. ;D