Sunday, September 21, 2008

Zoo Pictures

Hello everybody especially my Grandma. What to know what we did twice this past week? We went to the zoo. My big brother had home school classes one day and the other was just for fun.

My big brother learned about giraffe skulls. My big brother asked where the rest of the bones were. He told the zoo workers he would help them look for them.

We got to climb on top of alligators...

draw with crayons.

I am drawing...well, scribble, but Mommy says she loves it.

My twin brother is drawing...well, scribble too. He is a copy cat.

My big brother is drawing a map of the whole zoo so we don't get lost. Thanks big brother.

We got to cool off in the water play area.

Don't I have the best big brother.

One of the few times we were in the same area.

My big brother relaxing, he does lots of thinking.

Oh, we also saw lots of animals. My big brother loved this bird. I think Mommy said it was a Whooping Crane. I don't know I just think it is pretty. Hope your last week was as fun as ours.

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phillipsgirl2 said...

That's so cool to see pictures of the same zoo we were at last week! And for homeschool classes! But I didn't see anyone with twins, so we must have gone different days.