Monday, September 29, 2008

Week of September 21st-27th

This past week flew by. We had beautiful weather, family visits, and of course home school.

First, our home school went fairly smoothly. We did get behind on some of our reading, but managed to get caught up through the weekend. Phonics is going well, my son is sounding out words well and even recognizes some words by sight. Passed his first verbal spelling test with 100%. Number recognition is starting to take shape. My son can easily count to 50, but after the number 11, he has a little trouble recognizing the number by sight. Got a 100 pocket number chart and this seems to help. We will play more number games to try to make it more fun. My son gets easily frustrated and is extremely hard on himself. My son loves all the Ambleside readings though the stories from Fifty Famous Stories and The Aesop for Children seem to go over his head. Narrations are slow to come. I plan to incorporate some of the suggestions from Simply Charlotte Mason this coming week. Overall, a good week.

Family came to visit on Thursday and stay til lunch Friday. Nice to see family. All my siblings and some cousins, Aunt and Uncle closed down a restaurant Thursday night. Boy, our family has grown. Four new additions in the last year and half. This Christmas will be fun. The siblings decided to draw names this year. This way each have one adult to buy for. The focus will now be on just the kids and of course the food.

The weather has been just spotless. Finally cooling down though today the high is 86 degrees. You can still feel it in the air. This week we will get all the Fall decorations down. What fun. I made pumpkin bread last night, yummy.

We made plans to go to the Magic Kingdom October 16th for their not-so-scary halloween celebration. It is from 7pm til midnight. The kids go trick-a-treating, everyone wears costumes. Fun for all. We are looking forward to it. They will let you into the park around 4pm, so we are going down that morning and spend time in Orlando. I have read about a place that is a walk through the Bible. I am looking for info because I think we would enjoy this too. Oh! I just laughed to myself. Think about it, we will go and walk through the Bible then go put on costumes and go to Magic Kingdom's not-so-scary halloween.
Oh well. Many Blessings.

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Jenny in Ca said...

sounds like a really good week! I think the ambleside readings are very much at higher than normal reading levels. I am planning on doing 50 famous stories with my 3rd graders this year, I think it will be just right.