Friday, October 24, 2008


I know everyone has been feeling the pinch these days. Saving money on expenses a must.
I have read alot lately about people who buy groceries inexpensively using coupons.
I decided I would give it a go.

I first went online and looked at websites about coupons. There is alot. The most helpful was Coupon Mom. I printed up all the free printable coupons I could find that I would actually use. I stay clear of most sites that required me to register before receiving the free coupons.
I then bought a Sunday paper and clipped coupons, again only the ones I would actually use. Next, I looked at my local grocery's weekly ads. Best time to use a coupon is when the item is on sale. Believe it or not, I am having fun. My first coupon using time I saved four dollars. Today, I saved over 60 dollars, approximately a 36% savings. Yeah. Not bad for a newbie.
Many Blessings.


Linda said...

I love saving money! Good job ... keep it up. My only problem with coupons is that there just aren't enough to use on foods I actually buy. We don't do a lot of packaged foods, except for cereal. Did you find any coupons for fresh foods? I could use coupons for household products, like cleaning supplies, I just never think to do it.

Btw, do you say "Q-pon" or "Coo-pon"? Just curious. LOL

Blessed Mommy said...

We do not do a lot of packaged foods either, most of the savings was with diary products and frozen veggies, also baby products and loading up on the meat specials. I am still in the lookout for fresh produce coupons and meat coupons. Thanks for stopping by.

Christine said...

That is awesome! I use coupons but not faithfully. But 60 bucks is enough of an incentive that I may try harder. :)