Monday, October 13, 2008

Everything is Brighter Now.

After 5 weeks of struggles, frustration, I have decided to put aside Ambleside online year one. I know that if we kept training along, that we would do it, but is that what we want? After some of the readings, my son's head would be tilted like a puppy's. How could I ask for him to narrate? Sometimes we would just laugh and go on to the next reading. I do not expect my son to fully understand all that is read to him. But, well, maybe I am. I do want to look at him and see in his eyes that he "gets" it. I love all that Ambleside online offers and am looking forward to starting year one next year.
Meanwhile, I have created our own year .5. I am simplifying our year and will focus on phonics, math, good books, and of course, nature.

Here is our revised scheduled:

Memory Verse
Character- God's Wisdom For Little Boys
Math- Shiller
Phonics- 100 Easy Lessons
Hymn- Hymns For a Child's Heart

World History- A Child's History of the World and It's People by A.C. Krug
Seasonal Readings and Poems
Character Focus- How to Behave and Why/How to Speak Politely by Muuro Leaf

American History- A First Book in American History by Edward Eggleston
Literature and Tales- Grimm's Fairy Tales/ American Tales/
Hans Christian Anderson Fairy Tales
Observing- Stories about children and their dreams

Geography- Paddle to the Sea by Holling/ Window on the World
Study of the States

Beautiful Readings- Beautrix Potter/Little House Series/ Others
Science- Daddy's choice
Living Math- variety of living math books

Nature Study
Artist Focus
Arts and Handicrafts

Some of our beautiful readings are books or series we have already read, but I feel that now that my son is older, he will enjoy them even more. Also, this will help with narrations. I am excited about this change. My son was a young 6 yrs old when we started year one. The wonderful thing about home schooling, you can adjust, refocus, tweak til you find what works. Today was our first day with the new schedule. Peace and smiles, joyful hugs and tickles abound. I think this will fit just fine. Many Blessings.


Linda said...

The beauty of homeschooling ... you can change it up to fit your child if you need to! It's a blessing to be able to choose.

I LOVE what you did with your kids' artwork. Great idea! Thanks for sharing.

phillipsgirl2 said...

I did the same thing with my daughter last year. I had so much scheduled for her (AO year 1 plus some plus some other stuff). I was just so excited about everything she could be learning! So after a few weeks I scaled back quite a bit. The oldest gets experimented on, don't they?

Swylv said...

There were some Year 1 books we didn't even bother with (just so stories, trial and triumph) and then there were 2 books we decided could be done a later year --island story and parables from nature.
We're currently on a 6 month year 1.5 as there is so much richness in Year 2, I wanted to give DS a little more time to focus on the 3R's and learn a little American History ...that's why we're using Beyond by HOD for 6 months.

love the freedom and like your Year 0.5 schedule. thanks for sharing

Candace @ A Garden of Blessings said...

Chloe also just turned six (Sept). We have stopped reading OIS, as she was not getting it at all. I have really loosened up the schedule and hope to get through it all in the next few years. Some of the readings really are quite difficult.
I think you made a great choice, better to instill a love of learning at this point.

Jenny in Ca said...

the wonderful thing about homeschooling is the ability to change it to adapt to our child's needs. Your relaxed plan looks really nice, and still really full.