Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Weekly Menu Planning

I see this on many blogs I read and this is my attempt at menu planning. Here goes.

breakfast- waffles and sausage, oatmeal for the hubby
lunch- peanut butter and jelly, fruit, hummus, whole wheat pita with cucumber, onions, radishes
dinner- salmon with sauteed green beans and mushrooms

breakfast- chicken biscuits, cereal bars, fruit
lunch- lunchables, fruit--at the Zoo--food on the go
dinner- chili and grilled cheese

breakfast- eggs, sausage, oatmeal, fruit
lunch- turkey sandwiches, hummus, fruit
dinner- at Church

breakfast- french toast, fruit, oatmeal
lunch- egg salad sandwiches, fruit, hummus with whole wheat pita
dinner- left over chili and grilled cheese

breakfast- eggs, sausage, toast
lunch- at Church- funeral
dinner-Boston pork in slow cooker, green beans, applesauce

breakfast- waffles, fruit, bacon
lunch-chicken noodle soup, pinto cheese sandwiches
dinner- leftover pork, salad, fruit

breakfast- biscuits, honey, jam, fruit
lunch- salad, whole wheat pita with hummus, cucumbers, onions, fruit
Sunday Dinner- roasted chicken, roasted carrots, succotash, applesauce spice cake-
Sunday dinner is always something a little special, table cloth and wine glasses for tea, and maybe candles.

One thing I noticed by putting it down on paper is how boring our breakfast is. Maybe next week I will try to mix that up a bit. Also, we as a family, seem to have simple needs for lunch, again boring. Two things to work on, but, we do like things simple, so we will see. Many Blessings.


phillipsgirl2 said...

Not boring at all! We usually just have cereal and milk for breakfast.

Jenny in Ca said...

good for you! I can never get it together enough to actually plan!

we have boring breakfasts, it has become "you are on your own" around here, which means cereal for my little one, banana with pb for the boy and toast w/ orange juice or sometimes eggs for my girls. I am so not a morning person...