Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Our family is trying to cut down on
packaged, processed foods.
One of the ways we are trying to do this is by
baking our own snacks and breads.

Started by making whole wheat flat breads.
Turned out pretty good, need to tweak the recipe some.
We made sandwiches with them.
They are good with cucumbers, onions, radishes, and hummus.

Made hummus, we love hummus.
First try at it, not bad.
Need to add more olive oil next time.

Made a tried and true recipe,
oatmeal, pecan, chocolate chip cookies.
Hubby and my oldest claims it is
"The World's Greatest Cookie."
This is one recipe that needs no tweaking.

Tomorrow will be my first attempt at making
whole wheat bread.
Probably will make some thumb print cookies too.
Just in case the bread fails.
I know I will have no complaints.


Michelle said...

One of my goals for this fall after all the painting and tidying up is done inside my house is to have a baking day each week. I make my own gluten free bread from a mix and it is very good. I want to get a good recipe for everyone else in the house to eat. We are on the same quest of eating less processed food - although it was McDonald's drive through on the way to a rained out baseball game this evening for dinner. We still need some work!

Jenny in Ca said...

good luck with the bread! Let us know how it goes. I cannot make a good whole wheat bread, even in a bread machine, ugh. White comes out okay, but that is kind of missing the point,kwim? I make oatmeal choc. chip with half fresh ground whole wheat flour, and I love how chewy they taste.