Monday, May 18, 2009

Summer Welcome

Last week was a very busy week for our family.
Several things came to a close til Fall.
There will be no more directing
the Wednesday night children's program
at our church.
This ended with a beautiful Family worship
led by the children on Sunday.
Soccer ended Saturday with the last game of the season
and a party that afternoon.

With the end of these comes the beginning
of Summer.
The lazy days of Summer.
Summer is quickly becoming a favorite of mine.
Though the Fall season will always be first in my heart.

Some families stress during the Summer.
Trying to find things for their children to do
while school is out.
They want their children busy with no down time.
Not our family.

Summer for us is a time for even more
welcomed togetherness.
Downtime is treasured.
Being bored is okay.
Though that word is seldom used.
Lazy? No.

School continues for us.
Learning never stops.
But, Summer marks a slowing down.
Yes, there are swim lessons, a Summer family camp, and
a VBS,
but these are simple Summer enjoyments.
Most of our Summer is outside,
combing the beach, watching birds nest,
playing in sprinklers, watermelon eating,
and grilling.

So, Summer, you are welcome at our doors.
Do come in and stay awhile.
There is fresh lemonade for sipping
and a rocking chair for rocking.

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Michelle said...

Our days are winding down as well around here. Field day today, a field trip on Thursday and that will be it for a while. We will still read and do a little math, but nothing too difficult until late July or early August. We all need the break!