Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Is your child's immunizations up to date?
Such a simple question, right?
Not anymore.
As a pediatric emergency nurse,
I ask this question many times over when I work.
Until I had children, I often wondered why in the world
would a parent not immunize their child.
Even after my first child, I did not question the need
for my oldest getting his shots.
Except I jokingly did make a request that my son get
the non-autistic MMR.
My pediatrician at the time laughed and
reassured me that there were no worries.
But, as I look back, I wonder if that was the first
time I began to wonder about the safety or
necessity of all the immunization requirements.

After I had the twins, I began to question,
especially after holding them to get four shots
at the ripe old age of 2 months.
Is this necessary?
Their immune system is just beginning to strengthen.
At work I started hearing about a few of my colleagues
who where limiting their children's immunizations.
I listened with much interest.
Asked many questions.
But, I continued the immunization schedule with the twins.
After the twins four months shots,
I began doing a little reading, both pro and con
articles and books on the topic of immunizations.
There is a lot out there and it can get overwhelming.
My head was spinning.
I am not against immunizations per say.
As a person in the medical field,
I know the history of immunizations.
But, still I question
why so many, why so many so young?
How are they produced?
And is this the safest way to protect our children?
Many, many questions.
Many, many answers, depending on who you ask.

After all my reading, I had decided it was time to talk
to my pediatrician about the twins immunizations.
I went to the twins one year well baby check up with
questions ready.
After I signed in for the twins appointment,
I was given an article to read while I waited to see the doctor.
Are We Poisoning Our Kids
in the Name of Protecting Their Health?
The article was copied from the generation rescue web site.
A pediatrician who is questioning the need for
so many immunizations?
I smiled.
This made asking my questions much easier.
Our pediatrician spent much time with me.
He stated that he is just starting to do
more in depth research on this topic.
Together with my husband and pediatrician,
we decided to hold off on any more
immunizations til we have learned more.

Well, that was a year ago.
Tomorrow my twins are getting their first
immunization shot since they were 9 month old.
Only one shot, no more.
My husband and I have selected to do a
delayed alternative vaccine schedule.
Only one shot at a time
and spaced at least 6 months to a year.
There are many immunizations we as parents
have decided not to give our children.
We seem to be happy with this for now.
Tomorrow will still be tough.
Tylenol will be given prior and for 24 hours after.

A book I highly recommend that is
not pro or con immunizations is
The Vaccine Book
by Robert W. Sears, M.D., F.A.A.P
The topic of immunizations will be around for a long time.
I pray people are respectful of parents decisions
on this matter.
Many blessings.


Michelle said...

The FDA has a phone number you can call with the lot number of the vaccine to ask about reported reactions. Scary, huh? Both our boys are immunized, but they are a bit older and it was not questioned then. Now, I question! Our pediatric group will not even treat a patient who has not been immunized. I do not agree with this at all.

Jenny in Ca said...

how lucky to have an understanding Dr.!

I saw one that yelled at me and drilled me like a prosecuting attorney, it was really bad. I held my ground, then went outside, kicked my tire and cried. I switched to the clinic at our local children's hospital, saw a different medical person each time and learned to just say 'yes' when asked if they were up to date...

things went better when we were able to go back to our normal pediatrician a year or so later.

again, it is hard being a parent, so many worries and decisions you never saw coming.

Mrs Adept said...

We completely stopped immunisations here in our house when one of my boys had a super bad reaction to one.