Wednesday, June 17, 2009

5K Run

My friend and I ran a 5K June 13th at 8pm.
We ran while our husbands sat at a restaurant on the river
enjoying themselves.
Yes, we ran for the pies,
but received none.

We are not speedsters.
We run for the love of running.
We are runners.

The Perfect Run

The wind at your back,
the sun in front of you, and
your friend by your side.

unknown author


Michelle said...

What fun! We have been so busy around here lately and with children under the weather I have been up and down during the night that I have had no motivation to exercise! I HAVE to start something soon. When do you run?

Blessed Mommy said...

Michelle- I hope your little ones feel better soon. During the week, I run when I can. I like to get up early and run 5-6 am. That way I am home before the kids get up. On Sundays, my friend and I meet at 5am and do our long runs. Again this way we are home before the kids get up and gives us time to get ready for Church. Hope this helps.

Michelle said...

That sounds ideal because even though I am home all day with the kids we are still busy - homeschooling, housework, etc. that the day slips away and still no exercise was fit in. I imagine you must get in bed pretty early to wake up and be ready to go run. I have tried exercising in the morning before but if I do not eat before, I get light headed and shaky, so I end up just not doing it.

Hen Jen said...

I really admire you!

I think you should have gotten some pie tho...!!