Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Traveling With Small Children, take two

The wedding start time was 7pm.
Again this was a perfect time
for the beautiful sunset.

I did get to see the bride, our niece walk
down the aisle.
I did get to see her groom's face as he first
saw her in her dress.

The rest of the wedding,
was spent outside with the twins.
Again I was not alone.
Several other mothers were there too.
We took our shoes off and enjoyed
the beautiful sunset.
The children played, there was peace.

We allowed the twin who we are only allowing
to have his pacifier at night time to have his
pacifier practically the whole trip.
We know we will have fun dealing with that when
we get home, but for this trip it was
a life line to peace.

Visiting with relatives when you have small
children to watch can be difficult.
The only relatives we got to visit with
was ones who came into our environment.
By that I mean, coming and standing with us
as we watched the children play.
We could not sit and visit.
Sitting, what is that?
Would I change anything?
Absolutely not.

Traveling with small children:
Giving a little, allowing a little
and expecting little.
Many blessings.


Michelle said...

Our attitudes and expectations sure do make a difference in how we cope with life don't they? Sounds like a good trip!

Hen Jen said...

it all goes by so fast, mine are all so big now and self-sufficient!

I remember binkie-issues!