Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Simply Legos

I could only smile as I walked down the stairs.

I think we need to purchase some more Legos.
What do you think?
But, the truth is this is only half.

I bet I find a some Legos over the next few days
with my feet, ouch.


Bookworm said...

You've got soem really neat Legos over there!

We are Lego freaks over here! We use an old kitchen table as our "Lego Table" and the boys sit there everyday as often as they possibly can. I bought the table at a Yard Sale, and I had no idea what a smashing success it would be!

We have community Legos and then individual Legos. Individual Legos are the ones they buy themselves and the sets they buy themselves. They usually make something at the table and then display it in their bedrooms. And they keep their Lego magazines by the table too. They look at them together. It's so sweet. I cannot tell you how much my boys have bonded at this table...talking, building, thinking, working together. Almost everyday they laugh themselves silly. It's just precious.

Thank you God for LEGOS! They are GREAT! Thank you for sharing and letting me share!!!

Michelle said...

We love Legos, too! My husband built the boys a wooden train table when they were smaller. Now, it has been converted into their Lego table. They just love it. We just dump all the Lego pieces together and then they are creative in making whatever they wish.