Saturday, June 13, 2009


Not me Mommy.
I am your blue eyed angel.
The other twin makes me.
Just remember that.
It is always his fault.
I am always the one smiling and giggling.

Yes, you are right, my angel.
As long as we don't break your routine,
are not around crowds,
and we have not caught you pulling down blinds.
Also, why is it you we find in the other
twins bed, turning the monitor off,
clicking every light switch on,
wall climbing the kitchen cabinets,
and playing in the toilet?
All the while the other twin
is sleeping.

We love you all the same, but
don't think we don't know.
Our little blue eyed angel.

1 comment:

Hen Jen said...


I would have loved to be a twin, or to have twins!