Thursday, September 24, 2009

Our Toddler "School"

Colors and shapes.
This is what the twins and I are going
to be "studying" starting in October.
We are going to start with orange and circles.
For a short time, and while outside in nature,
we are going to observe circles and the color orange.
Each will have a nature box to put things in.
We will display our findings on a nature table
on the back porch
or keep them in our nature "treasure" box.
Might add a cutesy craft project,
like stick gluing orange circles on paper
painting circles with orange paint.
Mainly, I just want to take a few minutes of our outside time
to guide them with observing
God's wonders.
I don't want it to be too structured.
Our outside time is mainly a free time for them.
But, I thought a few minutes with observation
might do nicely.

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Hen Jen said...

ohh, I love that picture, so colorful!