Wednesday, September 9, 2009

You Know It is Time to Start Potty Training When...

Your twins have "wee-wee" wars in the bathtub.

Their control and aim is good, too good.

I am off to buy some Cherrios.
Target practice has begun.

Pray for me.


Michelle said...

How funny! My youngest one needed no training at all. He watched his older brother and just started going on his own. I can take no credit for potty training him. :)

NIKKI said...

Oh this made my laugh! I will remember your cheerio idea. My little man is 2.8 and has shown very little interest in using a potty. I am waiting patiently and watching out for any little signs-the first sign so far has been a very determined "Me want to take nappy off!" This is definitely giving me hope!