Sunday, July 27, 2008

Simple Reminders

This angel use to sit on my Big Mamma's window sill. I was able to keep this after she died several years ago. Sometimes simple reminders are all we need. Thank you Big Mamma. Many blessings to all.
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Jenny in Ca said...

That is so sweet. My f-i-l died a year ago January, he was the first person I was really close to -to die, and I never imagined how much we would miss him and think about him, pretty much daily.

so glad you have sweet reminders, that was a nice post.

Kimalita said...

a gentle reminder.....its a lovely display.

Thanks for stoppping my blog, now I can come here and see all your fun pictures and see what you've got going on. Love all the organization you've got going on in your school room.

I'm looking forward to returning!