Tuesday, July 15, 2008

"Weapon Box"

My 6 yr old ds has alot of toy guns. Yes, yes, I know what alot of you are thinking, but we feel it is a natural part of being a boy. Wars are a part of life. My son has heard about many battles in the Bible. He has an Uncle who is a Captain in the Army National Guard who we are very proud of. We hold a very high honor for our servicemen and women. We believe it is okay to play army or cowboys. We teach respect for other humans. We teach responsible play. My son loves to role play. He is very interested in all kinds of battles, the why and how of the battles. He wants to know it all. He is also taught that war should be the last resort, not the first. Anyway we love the fact that our son loves to play outdoors and is not one who just wants to sit in front of the TV or computer. His imagination is amazing.

Back to the pictures. My son has sooo many toy guns that my husband decided to make a box to place all of the guns. It is called "The Weapon Box." My son painted the box. These pictures are of him painting an army man on one of the sides.
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Jenny in Ca said...

for sure- all boy! My boy continually amazes me with his boy-ish-ness. The weapons, oh the weapons! and the blowing up-explosion noises he makes-

love him, for sure!!