Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Books We Have Read

In our World history studies we are at the
the story of Noah and the great flood.
We read the above book along with the Bible.
My son really liked the audio CD.
I have never listened to a book on CD before.
But, this made for nice listening
while we road back and forth to our co-op
classes on Tuesday.

I have really been worried on how to approach
the subject of dinosaurs with my son.
The Bible and dinosaurs just don't seem to mix.
Or so I thought.
The above book was recommended.
We have enjoyed it.
It has made our study of World history flow.
Dinosaurs are now included in our wall timeline
with no worries or confusion.
you can find this book here.

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Michelle said...

Check out You may find some interesting and fun material there about dinos. We like to listen to Adventures in Odyssey on CD as we drive.