Sunday, August 9, 2009


Finally, after about 5 tries
I have a rhubarb pie that is just right.
Well, that is what the hubby says.
And he is the one that counts.
My hubby's favorite pie is rhubarb.
So, being the good wife I wanted to make one.
My first attempt was more like a soup
than a pie.
Second attempt, the rhubarb was not cooked
all the way and was tough.
But, my last attempt and 5th, my rhubarb pie...
was gone by morning.


Mrs Adept said...

My husband absolutely loves rhubarb pie. Alas, I never make any. MIL makes them for him instead. LOL.

phillipsgirl said...

Recipe? I love the way your crust looks. How do you do that? It's very thick. Mine always breaks when I try a lattice top.