Sunday, August 30, 2009


Our term one is complete
and we begin term 2 on Monday.

As I begin to sense a ever so slight change in season,
I reflect back on our term one.
We started in June gently
and that is how we ended, gently.
We had our struggles,
but also many successes.
We tweaked things that were not working for us.
We added to and took away.
I think we are beginning to find our trail.

Term two will bring with it new additions.
We will add a composer and artist study.
We will add a history funbook of our state.
Our science of astronomy really blasts off.
Our World history and American history is more focused.
Our Bible is more a part of our world history
and not studied separately.

Much was learned in term one.
Looking forward to were the trail leads us in term two.


Jill said...

How neat! I am doing the same thing, beginning term 1 with a gentle intro and not adding everything all at once. We're in week 5 and I think we're doing pretty well. I can't wait to follow your term 2!

Mrs Adept said...

I loooooooove your wooden floors.