Saturday, August 8, 2009

Our Home School is Now in Full Swing

Public school started back here on Wednesday.
We school year round, but this Summer
we took a more relax approach.
This allowed us to ease into year one.
Now with ps in session,
we are able to concentrate a little more
and spend more time with the studies.
This short week went well.
In math we added MEP.
We started with lesson plan 7.
Above is a picture of activity 7 of lesson plan 7.
My oldest is comparing sets.

He talked about the differences of the two sets.
I then asked him to place the appropriate symbol between the sets.
We spent 10 minutes on this.

Next was Ray's.
Here is how we did lesson one.
Homemade flash cards of number words.
I would put out pebbles, my son counted them.
He then wrote the number and pointed to
the number word.
He then wrote the number word.
He has mastered this this week.
Next week, the flash cards will be gone
and he still needs to write the number and
number word.
We will move to lesson two once he masters this.
This took about 15 minutes.

Lastly, there is Shiller math.
We are on Lesson 1-111, number comparisons.
We played a number game.
Lay out numbers 1-9 and place a red circle
at the ends.
I think of a number 1-9 and it is my son's job
to try to figure out the number.
He uses the red circles as markers.
My number is 4.
My son guesses one.
I tell him the number one is less than my number.
So, he places his marker by number one.

Next, he guesses number 5.
I tell him number five is greater than the number.
He moves his other red marker by the number 5.
Now he knows his number is between 1 and 5.
We started out with four guesses.
As he improve we did only three guesses.
We spent 15 minutes on this.

My son enjoyed his math this week.
We will do MEP, Ray's, and Shiller 3 days a week.
We will do living math and math journal
one day a week.

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Michelle said...

The Math looks neat. We are using Math U See and for the first time, my oldest declared that he likes Math!