Monday, August 31, 2009

Term Two Artist

John Singer Sargent

Sargent is AO's term two artist.
The first painting below is the only one AO chose.
The other three are paintings by Sargent
I thought would be more of an interest for my son.

Oysters Gathers of Cancale- 1878

Gondolier's Siesta- 1904


Muddy Alligators- 1917

We will study each painting over a 3 week period.
I will have my son look at the painting
and then turn the picture over and narrate
details about the picture.
Might even have him draw the picture from memory, maybe.
We will read a little about the artist life.
Once a week should do.
I will keep the picture we are currently
study in a protective plastic covering in the kitchen.
Just in case inspiration hits.

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Michelle said...

We are studying Van Gogh and the boys can actually recognize his paintings now. We have had fun trying to draw some of his masterpieces!