Tuesday, April 14, 2009

My My

Got your ear plugs?
This picture speaks for itself.

My oldest was my quiet giant as a baby.
The other twin we call bulldozer because he runs forth with no worries.
But the one pictured is our screamer.
He get frustrated easily, he wants to do everything himself.
He is a stickler for details.
Loves his snakes and his big brother.
But, if something is not right from his point of perspective,
screaming commences.
I know this is just a stage and when talking comes
this shall lessen, but in the meantime my ears hurt.
I do have to say that he is most expressive, dimples and all.

My twins are two and very little talking.
I have heard the term "twin language"
and if no major improvements by end of summer,
we are off to get evaluated.
I know they can hear because they follow commands
and are very responsive.
The Pediatrician says no worries,
language will come.
I just want to hear my little ones precious voices.
What mother doesn't?

1 comment:

Jenny in Ca said...

oh my, makes me think of the expression, a picture is worth a thousand words!...his expression speaks volumes!