Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Pictures of 15k- Gate River Run

Thought I would share a few pictures of my last race.
This is my friend and me before the race. I am on the left.
I have been running a few years now,
completing two marathons, my friend
started running with me last April after 10 years of no running.
We haven't stop since. It is great to have a running partner.
We have the same pace and are supportive of each other.
This was my first 15k and frankly I was a little nervous.
I have only really run flat surfaces.
Well, not anymore.
Here is a picture of bridge one on our run.

This picture is the halfway up the green monster,
the last bridge of the race.
This monster is the last mile and a half of the race.
We ran up and up and up.

Here we are with our medals to prove we finished.
See our motivational hats?
26.2 miles.
My friend has never ran a marathon.
She now wants to.
Disney 2010 here we come.
But first, let's see:
5k- check
15k- check
1/2 marathon- October 2009
marathon- January 2010
lots of training in between and maybe a 5k or two.

Many blessings

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Jenny in Ca said...

just wow, you are awesome! I rarely run, and when I do, it is not far, like half a block. I am really impressed with you!

way to go!