Monday, April 27, 2009

A Gardening Curriculum

Came across this horticulture site. I have not fully looked at the site, but it seems to have promise. It is called Growing a Green Generation. It is a horticulture curriculum for pre-school and kindergarten age children. It is supported by Sustainable Horticulture University of New Hampshire. Yes, I live way down in the Coastal South, but this site has some wonderful ideas and activities to do with young children. Now, I am not one for a "curriculum" for the young ones, but this looks more like a living curriculum. What better way to get your kids in the garden? This site I think can be adapted to the region where you live with little effort. Main idea is to get the kids outside and in the dirt, why not grow something too? Anyway, thought some might be interested. I am. Many blessings.

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BygracegoI said...

I like this. I'll use it, but I really won't use it as a currriculum. It will be adapted a bit and used in bits & pieces. Having a little trouble with the little guy & ADHD stuff. It seems to be getting worse. I don't get it. Oh well, long story there.
Be blessed!