Sunday, April 26, 2009

Preparing for a Home School Convention

At Simply Charlotte Mason there is a nice post about preparing for a Home School Convention. I wished I had read this before we attended our first last year. The biggest surprise for me was the vendor hall. I was overwhelmed. We ended up spending money on things that we have not used because they "looked sooo pretty" all packaged up. Also, I am a sucker for a good sales pitch.
This year we are taking SCM's advise and are preparing by making list of publishers that sell things that are based on our family's learning style. We are going to take that list in the vendor hall with us. We are going to also "wait" 15 minutes before buying anything. If I really feel we need it after 15 minutes of thought, then we will make the purchase. Usually 15 minutes is all I need to make that "do we need this or do I want this."

I have made a book list of books needed and am looking forward to the used book sale. The used book sale is my favorite thing about the Home School Convention. This is one place I might buy extra, but if the book costs less than 2 bucks, I will take my chances. But, I will have my list of needed books and will look for them first. Afterwards, it is looking for pleasure and possible "finds."

We leave on Thursday and so far my list of needed books is short. I am hoping that by having a list, I will not get so overwhelmed by the vendor hall. I will have my caffeine free diet coke in hand, maybe two of them, one for each hand for any need anxiety.

We are looking forward to being surrounded by other home schoolers. Looks like the convention has some great speakers planned. Eating out and sight seeing a plus too.


phillipsgirl said...

Where are you headed for it? I've never been to a homeschool convention as a homeschooling mom. I'm afraid I would buy way too much also. I have a CBD catalog with about 10 things circled in it that I want to buy for school. Thankfully I am taking days to think about it before I buy. It would be nice to thumb through the books though.....

Michelle said...

Sounds like good advice and good planning. We have one here,too, and it can get overwhelming and the impulse to buy is great. This year, I am trying to plan out more than ever what to buy. We are drastically reducing the amount of "things" in our home and I do not need any more "cute"curriculum. Have a great time! The conventions are always fun.

phillipsgirl said...

I haven't been to the one here in Jacksonville. I have friends who have, but I don't even know when or where it is. I suppose I should check it out sometime. :-)