Monday, April 6, 2009


Starting today I am going to be more consistent in blogging about my running. I think this will help make me more accountable to myself and my training. Hmmmm.....What was my last running post? Oh, the Disney marathon back in January that I had to drop out of and probably had no business running...stomach virus. Anyway since then I have run a 10K trail run, not a favorite and a 15K. The 10k run was in February and it was cold and 4 miles of it was through a marsh and it was muddy and uneven. Scenery was nice, loved the sign that said "Beware wild alligators." Tail running can be tough if you are not use to it and I wasn't, so it was rough. Great pancake breakfast afterwards though and now I can say "done it." The 15k was the River Gate Run in Jacksonville in March. My friend and I loved this race, we ran it at an conversational pace because we do not know how we would do at the bridges. The last mile of the race consists of a bridge they call the green monster and it was. I have no trouble going up hills, it is the down hills that give me trouble. I have had two knee surgeries. Going down that bridge my left knee was doing a hula dance, it was that unstable, but I made it. I will have to think twice about another race that has a bridge that steep, but who knows. After both races felt great, no soreness the next day.
Have a couple of 5ks on the horizon, but my next big race is not til October, a half marathon. Probably two more half marathons after that then the big one---The 2010 Disney Marathon.
Many blessings.

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Michelle said...

I need a bit more motivation as well! I have considered taking up running again. I did a marathon years ago, but nothing serious since then. I agree about the trail runs. They are hard!