Tuesday, April 28, 2009

An Unwanted Guess

The stomach bug came and visited us last week.
Doesn't it know it has overstayed it's welcome?

Dear stomach bug:
First you said hi to one twin.
Then four days later the other.
And not wanting to leave anyone out,
you said howdy to the oldest today.
Hubby is trying to refuse your generous hello.
You know better than to say hi to Mommy.
Mommy don't play your bug games.
So, I am asking, no ordering you to go home.

I want my peanut butter and jelly loving,

stuff my face,

And lean in for a big kiss children back.
So go away stomach bug.

Do you think he heard me?

Lord, I do want to thank you for not letting the stomach bug
say hello to everyone at the same time.

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