Saturday, July 25, 2009

1.5K = 2.5 Miles, Huh?

1.5K is actually is about .93 miles.
Someone needed to tell the race officials
because they got it all wrong.

My 7 yr old son and I enter a
1.5K fun run for kids today.
Everything started out great,
my son was running steady.
I kept looking for the 1.5K markings
for I knew the children needed
to turn back soon.
I ask the gentleman running in front of
us who I knew his wife was
in charge and he kept telling me
we are not there yet.
At this point I knew we had ran over .8 miles
because the street we were running on is
part of my long runs.
Anyway, we kept running along.
My son was getting hot.
I kept pouring water on his head.
I kept saying this is not right, this is too long.
My son ran his last 1.5K in 9 minutes and 24 seconds,
we at this point have been running
over 20 minutes!
When we finally got to the end,
the gentleman apologized.
Instead of .93 miles,
we ran 2.5 miles!
I hugged my son and told him how proud
I was of him.

We have another fun run in a 2 weeks.
I hope they know what a 1 mile run is.

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