Friday, July 24, 2009

Our World History

Our History Scope and Sequence

year 1 and 7- Creation/Ancient Egypt/Ancient Israel
year 2 and 8- Ancient Greece/Ancient Rome/ Messiah
year 3 and 9 - Early Church/Vikings/Middle and Dark Ages
year 4 and 10- Renaissance and Reformation/British History
year 5 and 11- Industrial Era/ WWI/Depression/WWII/Holocaust
year 6 and 12- 1950- Modern times

We included Biblical readings with our world history
because we believe the the Bible is a valid
historical record of the Jews and
other ancient civilizations.
This is why we are starting
our world history with Genesis.
This is where we differ a bit from Charlotte Mason
who separated Biblical readings from the study
of the history.
Our spine books for year one are
the Bible, The Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt,
and Usborne Ancient History.

Much relief. We are looking forward
to starting. We are going to do a simple
timeline as we read,
3x5 cards and drawings by my
son paper clipped to a string on a wall.
No dates just drawings.
Many blessings.

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