Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Things People Say

Why all the changes?
Why not just stick with what you first decided on?
Seems like a lot of work.
I could not do it.
These questions and statements were said to me recently.
Of course, from non-homeschooling persons.

Why the changes?
Why not stick with what you first decided on?
Well, this is the beauty of home schooling.
If something is not working, change it.
If your child gets frustrated with one teaching method,
there are others to choose from.
Find one that fits.

Seems like it is a lot of work.
Yes, it is.
But, my children are worth it.
I love when I get to actually see the light bulb go off
in my children's head when they get it.
I love being an active part of their education
and not a bystander.
Yes, it is a lot of work.
I love my work.

I could not do it.
Yes, you can.
Any parent can do it.

Don't worry.
I won't ask why you don't.
I respect your decisions
and your rights as a parent.
You know what is best for your family.
Many blessings.


Mrs Adept said...

I have often heard people say how they couldn't homeschool etc... as well. In my mind I think, yes they could - there is so much out there these days in curriculum land that anybody can do it. It just takes a little planning and some time.

phillipsgirl said...

I would homeschool for a living any day of my life! I love it! When my kids leave home, I may try to homeschool other people's kids if they'll let me!

Bookworm said...

Gtreat post! Thanks for sharing. You are so insightful.

I just decided to change our spelling curiculum after 3 weeks of lessons. The method didnt work for my oldest, so I found something else to try. Maybe it will help, maybe not. We'll see. The thing is that we know our kids best and we know if something isnt going to work, so why not nip it in the bud and change it!?! That's one of the countless blessings of homeschool! We dont have to make our kids fit the curriculum...we find the curriculum that fits our kids!

Thank you God for the amazing blessing of homeschooling!

BygracegoI said...

I hate posts like this. I have friends who homeschool, friends who dont and friends who have done both. I would homeschool in a minute if my husband would show even a glimpse of agreeing! Who knows our children better?

In my area, the teachers teach to the end of the year test and that is all they teach. If you want them to know anything more, you have to teach it at home, and I do. I would rather do all the teaching and avoid the "un teaching".

I'm glad that mom's are taking the reigns and homeschooling. Way to go!

Have a blessed day!