Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Son Rock Kids Camp

Vacation Bible School
Accepted by Jesus, Forgiven by Jesus,
and Living for Jesus.

This was my 5th year as Director.
This year my good friend and I were
co-directors. I can not tell you how nice
it was to have a c0-director.
A shoulder to lean on is priceless.

We had 51 children attend.

Here is my oldest.

At the Wilderness Trail, the children dissected
owl pellets.
My son loved this. He told of rat skulls and bird bones.
He was careful not to miss anything his owl pellet
had to offer.
(the above picture is of the instructor)

The children sang songs, listened to Bible stories around
a camp fire, made crafts, and brought in food
for the local food pantry.
657 pounds of food.
A lady from the local food pantry came the last day
to accept the food and told the children thank you.
All and all, it was a great VBS.


Michelle said...

That sounds like such fun! What a beautiful church! My children love VBS, and I have such fond memories of it when I was young. All that work and preparation is such an investment.

Jeanne said...

We found owl pellets on our nature walk on Thursday. I didn't think of dissecting them! I wonder if they're still there if we go back there again?

Jeanne said...
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