Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Update on How Our Year One is Going

We are in week 7 of year one.
How is it going?
Well, we are running behind in everything.
No worries though.

We started slowly and anticipated this.
With public school out for Summer break,
we knew it would be hard to keep up.

We still have not added artist or composer studies.
And our nature study has pretty much been
about being outdoors and observing and playing in nature.
This counts right?

How do we catch up?
Do we try or keep driving on?
Well, here are my thoughts.
Nothing in stone and I might change my mind.

But, for now we might drop
World History, Science,
not try to add artist or composer study,
and cut back on our free readings.
These are the main areas we are behind in anyway.
We are hoping that by dropping these
til at least when public school starts back
might allow us to catch up.
Public school here starts back in less than three weeks.

Why has the PS being on Summer break
influenced our home school schedule?

This Summer my good friend
and I have been doing lots
of wonderful outdoor activities with our children.
Many of the outdoor activities really require two adults,
especially with the twins.
We have had great experiences
and would not change a thing.

Next Summer, we will take all this
into account when we plan our year two.
We school year round so this should not be a problem.

More on our year one soon.
Much to say about narration, phonics,

We have been enjoying our year one so far.
Many blessings.


Michelle said...

We probably have more friends who are not homeschooled than are, so we try to somewhat loosely follow the public school schedule, so my kids get ample free time with the children who do go to pubic school. The advantage is that we loosely follow the schedule and have the joy of changing it when we want and/or need to.

Bookworm said...

Thanks for sharing!

We're in the same boat! We got a jump start on 3rd grade and then BAM! We started swimming, biking and walking everyday. Add playdates and birthday parties to that and we are never inside to even do school! It's the best summer yet! I too wouldnt change a thing! No regrets!

Blessed Mommy said...

Michelle and Bookworm- Thanks for your comments. Home schooling is wonderfully flexible. Even though we are behind my schedule, I can easily adjust and then we are not behind anymore. So, with that being said, we are off to the park, enjoy your Summer too.