Tuesday, July 21, 2009


This is our new choice for year one science.
Apologia, Exploring Creation with Astronomy
We had started our year one with
The Sciences by Edward Holden.
This is really scheduled for year 6.
Besides that it was just "okay" with us.
We have researched and this won us over.
If you look here,
it will give you an description of the book.
We are looking forward to starting this
in term 2.

Now, if only our scope and sequence for history
could be decided this easily.
We are unsure of whether we are
happy with our world history choices.
We are in discussions,
huddling and trying to form a game plan.
How do we really want our children's history to go?
Follow Ambleside online or go chronologically?
We are leaning chronologically.
This would mean big changes in our
history curriculum.
Oh my.
Many blessings.


Bookworm said...

If you go chronologically, you can use the free Table of Contents from the TruthQuest website! Just plug the people and events into your library system and go check out the books. (also FREE!)

Blessed Mommy said...

Bookworm- WOW! Thank you, I will check this out.

Jeanne said...

We're doing Astronomy this year with Jemimah. It is a wonderful book! (She is 7.) We do take more than two weeks per chapter though...

Mrs Adept said...

I have heard that Apologia is very good. I love that we can pick and choose and move things around in homeschool to find what works for us.

phillipsgirl said...

I plan to do Apologia also. I think AmblesideOnline does do history chronologically. From their FAQ's page:
Year 1 -- early history, focusing on people rather than events
Year 2 -- 1000 AD - Middle Ages
Year 3 -- 1400 - 1600 (Renaissance to Reformation)
Year 4 -- 1700's up to the French Revolution and American Revolution
Year 5 -- 1800 to 1920 up to WWI
Year 6 -- end of WWI to present day, then a term in ancient history
Year 7 -- 800-1400's Middle Ages (Alfred, King Arthur, Joan of Arc)
Year 8 -- 1400-1600's (Reniassance to Reformation)
Year 9 -- 1688-1815 including French and American revolutions
Year 10 -- 1815-1901 including the American Civil War
Year 11 -- 20th Century
Year 12 -- ancient history

You may know this already, but there it is..... :-)

Hen Jen said...

I've always liked chronologically, too. It just makes so much sense, and how nice to come back to it again in a later cycle when they are older.

let us know how this goes!