Friday, July 17, 2009

Continue Talk of Our Year One

Now that I have learned the lesson of less is more
for our Summer months, it now time to talk about
how I think each subject matter is going.
Should we stay with our current choices
or should we tweak?

First, let me talk of our Bible Study.
We are currently using
Aunt Charlotte's Stories of Bible History.
So, far we are pleased with this study.
Each chapter has 3 lessons
with questions at the end of each lesson.
My son narrates these very poorly,
but can answer each question easily.
I think the style of writing throws my son off.
But, I feel with time this will improve.
Also, I received some wonderful advice
about narration I will share soon.
With our Bible studies,
I am hoping to start our notebook entries soon.
Of course, this will happen after PS starts back.
Our notebook will have a drawing
of the Bible story of the week
and a one short sentence of copy work.
The drawing will be how my son sees the reading,
his expression.
No help from Mommy.
My son will have all week to draw his picture
on card stock.
We will then cut and paste it into his notebook.
My son loves to draw and paint.
This I think will be a highlight for my son.

Sunday Readings
We do a rotation of
Parables of Nature, James Herriott's Treasury for Children, and Trial and Triumph.
This I love.
I love the thought of doing Sunday readings.
Now honest time.
I think only once in the last 7 weeks have we
actually read these readings on Sunday.
But, we are not behind on these readings.
My son enjoys these stories.
The meaning behind the stories in
Parables in Nature seem to go a little
over my son's head, but overall he enjoys them.
The only thing I will change is
I will try to actually make these
Sunday readings.

Literature and Tales
We do rotation of stories from
The Aesop for Children and The Blue Fairy Book.
We are not behind in these readings.
No changes here.

World History
The books we are reading from are:
Old Stories from English History,
Heroes and Heroic Deeds of the Great War,
and Ecclesticial History of England.
Here there will be major tweaking.
I am dropping the Heroes book altogether,
way to complex for my son.
Maybe in a later year, way later year.
This is what you get when you do not glance over
the readings, lesson learned.
Will keep the other two books.
My son seems to be enjoying them.
We are behind though.
We will restart these readings after PS starts back.
I have not worked out our new schedule yet.
I have 2 1/2 weeks to do this.
Hopefully that will be done.
If not, will keep the same schedule
minus the Heroes book.

Here we are using The Ambleside Series Geography Books and Window on the World.
No changes.
We are behind a little. But I feel with
cutting back with other subjects,
we will easily catch up.
My son loves using the globe.
We highly recommend Window on the World by
Daphne Spraggett with Jill Johnstone.
My child is learning about other cultures
and how different they are from ours.

Natural History
Burgess Birdbook, we are behind by one chapter.
We can overcome this.
No changes.

American History
First Book in American History
My son really enjoys stories told from this book.
He actually narrates these well.
No changes.

We are using a rotation of Ray's and Shiller maths.
We plan on adding MEP next month.
Enjoy doing this rotation, changes things up.
Looking forward to using MEP.
I had in the past been uncomfortable with MEP
and its teaching style and philosophy.
But, after much more research, I am looking forward
to giving it a whirl.
Ray's, Shiller, and MEP are different from one another,
but also the same.
My son has had no trouble.
Our Living Math and math journals
have suffered over the first 7 weeks.
We are behind a few lessons each.
My son likes these, so I am hesitate to drop them
til PS starts back.
But, I think I will.
They will definitely be back in 3 weeks.

The Sciences
This we are changing.
This is for year 6, I think.
Though my son is doing okay, it is just okay.
Lots of research to do for this yet.

Free Readings
What can I say.
We are behind, behind, behind.
There is no hope to catch up,
nor do I want to try.
We will regroup in less than 3 weeks
and enjoy.
No changes, just reschedule.

Nature Study
The Handbook of Nature Study
We have not opened this book this term.
Never fear, we have had lots of nature study.
Everyday we have spent time outdoors,
at the beach, in the mud, hiking at Ranger camp,
dissecting owl pellets.
This subject has been in overdrive.
Hoping to have some focused study soon.

None done.
None Scheduled.
Will add these when
I am comfortable with everything else.
Though Vivaldi is being played throughout
the house during the day.

Copy work
Focusing on one perfect letter formation at a time.
Going well.
My son's handwriting is improving.
Almost done with the alphabet.
Will start with short simple sentences from
Bible readings soon.

Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons
Bob Books
Dr Cupp Readers
This we need much more work.
My son is slowly getting this,
but the key word is slowly.
If we miss a few days of reading,
it is like starting back at the starting gate.
This I feel needs to be my top priority.
No excuses, just daily short lessons.
I like what we are using, no changes there.
Just need to work on me being more consistent.

Narration. This has been tough for my son.
I have read a lot on what
others are doing to help with
their child and narration.
The one advice I have read that
I think we will try is narrating from free readings
and easy readings first.
Then after mastering those, slowly adding other readings.
We are going to start with American History and Bible.
Also, I am going to allow my son some options.
I will put the narration options in a jar on sheets of paper
and let my son grab from the jar.
Whatever he draws, he does for that narration.
What are the options?
Verbal narration, drawing a narration,
or acting out the narration.
I will let you know how it goes.
We will not start this til after PS starts back.
For now, I am not going to worry with narrations.
Giving my son a little break.

Well, there you have it.
My review of how our year one is going so far.
Not bad I think.
Lessons learned.
I am sure there will be plenty more
lessons that need to be learned in this
journey called home schooling.
Many blessings.


Mrs Adept said...

Thank you for letting me know about Aunt Charlottes bible stories. I have gone and got me a copy and hope that it turns out to be something that we can implement in our homeschool. :)

Michelle said...

I am going to try more narration this year. I barely did it last school year and hope to do more this time around. I, too, am interested to see how well this goes. I hope in the next two weeks to sit down and really get a good plan for the year. I know some changes will occur, but I am excited to get started.

Jeanne said...

I've enjoyed this post. I like this idea of sort of writing a 'school report' of where you are in each individual subject.

I guess I do it in my head, but I think I will join you and do a formal appraisal. I think it will make me more accountable.

Hmm Term 2 finishes in 3 weeks, do you mind if I link to this post?

Blessed Mommy said...

Jeanne- no problem. Yes, writing this out has been a great benefit for us, me especially . Thank you for your kind comments.

Michelle- I am excited about our new narration options. I have been preparing my son and he seems excited too. Thanks for commenting.