Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Zoo Trip

We are frequent Zoo visitors.
We have learned not to try to see the whole
Zoo in one visit.
We break it up into parts.
Yesterday, we concentrated on
Florida natives, African monkeys, and the giraffe.

This handsome boy or beautiful girl was our first stop
at Florida natives.
We have never seen them this close up before at the Zoo.
The children watched in amazement.
We observed how big their paws are and how
loud the sounds were when they scratched an itch.
We will look the black bear up at home
and learn more about them.
Our next stop was the alligators
and boy were they active. There was
one "bully" who was looking for a fight.
He was splashing around and swimming
and running after the others.
No pictures could do them justice.
Besides, I took this moment to remind
my oldest why we do not allow
him to play in the marsh across the street.
I had my son to look carefully
at their teeth and how fast they swim
and run.
This could be another post in itself.
This is why I do not run in our neighborhood
til there is clear light out.
Next, was the African monkeys.
This big beauty wanted to have an up close
look at the boys.
He would come up to the window, look
and then sit back and relax.
This repeated several times.

The Zoo workers says he likes to play
with the kids that way.

It is sad they are in a Zoo.
But, maybe this way all can learn
about the glories of this world.
And we will work hard not to lose them.
Many blessings.


Michelle said...

We were riding our bikes in the mountains on Saturday when right in front of us crossed a bear. We just all stopped our bikes and very silently stared. Bear activity has been abundant this year with the closing of several hiking trails due to their activity. We love the zoo. We, too, break up our time and do not try to see it all in one day.

BygracegoI said...

Looks like great fun!

I don't have an email to contact you about your comment...but I'll be praying. Feel free to moderate this.

Be Blessed